The Best Outdoor Advertising Material

Trailer wraps

Vinyl is capable of so much more than just making classic records with impeccable sound quality. In fact, during WWII, vinyl became a valuable replacement for natural rubber, which there was a short supply of, due to the war effort. Vinyl wrap advertising is a wonderful material to make signs, tarps, wall wraps, car wraps, meshes, and labels with.

The durability, resistance to harsh elements, and ability to be mass produced at an affordable price that custom vinyl wraps provide make it a superb material in the use of tarps, and any other covering to be used outdoors, such as vehicle wrap advertising. Wholesale vinyl fabric will get the job done, and done safely.

Vinyl wrap advertising can come in two standard types. The first is stretch vinyl, which is ideal for the outdoor coverings I was just speaking of. The second is known as patent vinyl wrap advertising. Patent is the choice type used in vinyl sign material. It is perfect to be printed or drawn on, which is why the majority of blank banner material you will come across is made of patent vinyl.

The vinyl used in wrap advertising was invented by Lonsbury Semon, a B.F. Goodrich researcher in 1926. Well, more specifically, Semon invented plasticized polyvinyl chloride, which is derived from ethyl alcohol. This is how vinyl for fabric got its name. The word “vinyl” stems from the Latin word, “vinum,” which is the same Latin root that gave wine its title.

Use vinyl for fabric, for music, for flooring, for vinyl wrap advertising. The list goes on and on. The possibilities when it comes to vinyl are virtually endless. And, we have not even come to reaching the maximum potential of vinyl for fabric. Who knows what we will be using vinyl for twenty years down the road.
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