Recovering Your Benefits Through ERISA Law

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Everyone knows the joke about migrating to Florida for retirement. Many people from outside Florida envision retirement cabanas, easy listening and easy living. What if you are already in the sunshine state? What if are working hard toward retirement, but are not seeing the results you deserve? The dream of working hard and reaping the benefits may feel like it is slipping out from beneath your feet like low tide. But it does not need to. There is a way to recover the benefits and rights you deserve and are entitled to. Your key to future planning may be in knowing the benefits guaranteed you by ERISA laws.

Passed in 1974, the Employee Retirement Security Income Act or ERISA establishes the employee’s right to benefit plans as well as establishing standards for pension plans. The rights to disability and retirement plans is especially important to retirement aged people. One third of all disabled Americans are over 65. If you have had trouble recovering benefits that were promised to you, or have found your benefits have been cut without notice, then you are protected by ERISA laws. ERISA laws state that an employer must give adequate notice of cut benefit plans including pensions. To violate this is to breach a legally binding fiduciary responsibility.

Many lawyers can help you get the benefits you have worked. The key is finding a lawyer who specializes in ERISA law who can also match your needs.

Fist, because there are many different benefits supported by ERISA laws, there are also many different concentrations within the ERISA specialty. As you look through the listings of ERISA law lawyers keep in mind the reason why you are looking. If you have been hurt on the job, disability benefits can fall within the umbrella of ERISA law. In this case you would want to find an ERISA lawyer who has experience recovering disability benefits. Often these are called long term disability lawyers, and they can mean the difference between you receiving your well deserved benefits or plunging head first into financial difficulty. In cases involving disability, some of which can take over a year to process, getting your rightful benefits as quickly as possible it of the utmost importance to your physical and financial security. Be certain to find an Orlando long term disability attorney that can get you your results as quickly as possible.

The same goes for knowing the tax implications of your retirement plan, or even ensuring that you have a retirement plan provided by your employer. The sooner that you can properly plan for your future; the better you can ensure its vitality.

Without the aid of a legal eye, even the most well intentioned retirement plan and benefit professionals can overlook the benefits you should be getting. To be certain that your future is secure with the best protection and planning possible consider the benefits of consulting with an ERISSA attorney. Typically the initial consultation is free. During this consultation a lawyer can explain your situation and tell you whether or not you need legal council.

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