Looking for a Beginners Guide to SEO? Five Simple Steps to Web Success

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One of the most difficult parts of creating a blog for your personal interests or business in today’s market is content overload. According to WorldWideWebSize, indexed web pages exceed 3.6 billion. Just today, another 1.3 million blog posts have been added to the pile. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you need to find a way to stay ahead of the billions of other pages you’re competing against. Lucky for you, our beginners guide SEO list has five of the best SEO tips around.

  1. Content is Most Important
  2. The most important of any SEO tips and tricks is to write content that matters. Of course, you should worry about working keywords into your blog, but as written on Social Media Today, keywords will come with good writing. Offer your readers entertainment and service in every single post if you want to succeed online.

  3. Optimize Your URLs
  4. If you want to stand out in Google, then you need to optimize every piece of your webpage. This means meta-tags, keywords, and the like. However, it also means making sure every post URL has a keyword worked in. If you can do that, as Promotion World suggests, you’ll give Google more content it can catalog and rank you with.

  5. Don’t Go Overboard with Keywords
  6. If you’re looking for effective SEO tips blogs use, then here is one of the best; keep using keywords. As WPSEOTricks writes, however, you don’t want to go overboard with keyboard usage. Keep density between 2 and 4% for the best results. Anything over 5% will result in Google penalizing your ranking for black-hat practices.

  7. Slowly Build Backlinks
  8. Building backlinks to your site is one of the best free SEO tips for building web credibility and Google ranking. That being said, if you build backlinks too quickly, Google’s robots will think, possibly correctly, that you’re using link-farming utilities to unfairly spread your content around the web. Focus on sharing links on social media and in thoughtful comments on other websites to naturally create quality backlinks.

  9. Make Your Site Easy to Use
  10. According to MOZ, every content publisher looking for a beginners guide SEO list should know that web design is just important as any content you write. Consider, mobile users, the fastest growing web demographic, expect their webpages to be easy to use, with fast loading speeds. Limit pictures in your posts and the amount of Flash used on your site to increase load speeds, and make it easier to get around your page.

If you’ve been struggling to market your content better on the web, then follow this easy to use beginners guide SEO list. Doing so, you could easily find your way to improved web success.

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