Dissolution or Divorce? You Decide

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Everyone knows that marriage is a compromise. It is a give and take between two people. But when a couple is no longer able to share this responsibility or has simply grown apart, dissolution of marriage or filing for divorce is very common. If you are in this situation, you are not alone. There are thousands of couples that file for divorce every day. In fact, an estimated 4 divorces are filed every minute. Whether you are filing a petition for dissolution or divorce, either one will take time and might cause you a due amount of stress.

In a dissolution, you and your partner will need to reach an agreement on all issues surrounding the end of you marriage, which includes division of property, marital debt, and custody of your children should you have any. This petition is typically only granted to couples if these conditions are met before submitting it to court, since it is essentially a termination of marriage by agreement. These agreements can be settled out of court which is what ultimately happens 90 percent of the time. In a divorce, couples are unable to decide on important issues, making litigation necessary. In both cases, an Cleveland divorce lawyer can make the process easier. They understand divorce law in the state you are in and can explain dissolution vs. divorce to help you decide which one is best for you. They can also list the different forms of child custody if this a point of contention for you and your spouse. They might even be able to give you parenting tips for you to help your children through this difficult time.

You can also seek therapy. This is often helpful for couples who need stress management tips. Divorce or separation is not easy and you want to surround yourself with the most supportive people. Your children will need extra attention during this time to make sure they understand what is happening. Connect with other friends or family members who have been through divorce before. They might be able to give you valuable parenting tips to guide your children through this transition. If you are going through a divorce or separation, look for a Cleveland divorce attorney near you to make this process easier on everyone in your family. For more information see this: bacookfamilylaw.com

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