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Did you know that according to Forrester reports, a solid 84% of American adults use the Internet daily, and that in 2012 tablet ownership has doubled to 19%? Not to mention the fact that an estimated 69% of teens in the United States own their own computer. Furthermore, the Yankee Group, a research firm, found that 54% of American children ages 8 to 12 will have cell phones within the next three years! What these facts show is the gradual growth of Americans’ investment in technology. Every day American culture grows more and more entwined in the Internet and technology, which makes keeping up to date with the latest trends absolutely vital.

One great way to stay in touch with the latest news is to listen to technology radio online, which keeps listeners updated on the latest technology, and offers useful tips for new gadgets. Listening to technology radio online will also help you to become a savvy shopper of technology because of the several reviews they offer. Plus, it analyzes the market and recent announcements.

By listening to technology radio online, you can learn about stories such as Mozilla’s recent announcement that they’re updating their operating system to 1.1, and that a Firefox OS phones will be available in new markets. The update includes a number of performance improvements, which includes MMS support, new push notifications API, app search and contact management enhancements.

Another popular topic to be discussed on technology radio online programs is LG’s new flexible cell phone screen. That means that in the near future, bendable phones will soon become available! CNN reports that Apple has long been rumored to look into this technology for their iPhones. CNN says, “What’s clear in the minds of many is that the coming wave of flexible and curved displays is just the first step in what could become a dramatic shift in what we expect of our phones.”

Listening to a tech talk radio show will keep you informed about the coming trends in the technology that our culture is so heavily invested in. There are several popular tech chat shows available through technology radio online. For more stories on the latest tech announcements, you can also read new technology blogs to learn more about flexible screens and Firefox OS. If you have any questions about technology radio online, feel free to ask in the comments!

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