How to Stay Busy in Rochester

Rochester, New York is one of the biggest cities in New York state, and a major hub of upstate New York. Aside from Buffalo and New York City, Rochester is undoubtedly the biggest city in New York and one of the most well known. On that note, in terms of events Rochester is well known as a major host to many big events and certainly a popular city.

Rochester New York events typically include concerts, plays and other performing arts events, including festivals like the Corn Hill Arts Festival and the Fringe Festival. There are always things to do in Rochester, and the number of venues around the city is a testament to the perennial livelihood the city boasts.

In addition, the surrounding suburbs of Rochester offer many different things to do Rochester style as well. There are a bevy of restaurants, sporting venues and even museums and parks people can visit, and a lot of them offer free admission. Although Rochester does not boast any major sports teams, there are several that are a touch away from the majors, and the fans in Rochester are passionate and courteous and among the best fans in the nation.

Rochester events differ from year to year. Some years there are more events than others, but by and large, in terms of events Rochester is one of the better places to be in upstate New York. There are always things to do either in the city or the surrounding areas, and all one has to do is read a newspaper or talk to a Rochesterian to get a good idea of the things that go on in the great city of Rochester.

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