How to Become a White Label SEO Reseller

White label seo

Even at the lightning rate of technological advancements, one thing is positively certain: Search engine use has become ubiquitous. Chances are, you have likely used a search engine already this day, and it is very possible that it was actually the very first thing you did on the Internet today. That is why it has become so important for companies to embrace the mighty power that the search industry wields.

Around 80 percent of search engine users say they rarely click on sponsored search results, or the paid advertisements that appear when you search for certain keywords. Why is this? Well, for one thing, users like to discover things for themselves. That is one of the most joyous apects of the Internet age, so if you are utilizing online marketing, you have to present your idea organically and wait for the user to click on it him- or herself.

You can create this content through a very steady diet of online marketing, most notably through search engine optimization, or SEO for short. SEO afford you the opportunity to be discovered by creating many relevant articles, blog posts and other items of content that can be found by users in a simple search on the web. The data shows the benefits: SEO and other inbound leads tend to have 61 percent lower costs than outbound leads such as cold-calling.

One of the ways SEO can work to your advantage is by partnering with a wholesaler and selling SEO content to other companies under the practice of white label SEO. As a white label SEO reseller, you outsource your content creation to a third party, then resell that content to other companies for a profit. This practice, also called private label SEO, helps emerging web service agencies develop and grow their brand while still providing content they perhaps could not afford to produce in-house.

When it comes to being a white label SEO reseller, you have to know where you are getting your content from. Too many companies decided early on to opt for black-hat SEO techniques, which were unethical ways to garner a higher search ranking, because they were better for business. Luckily, new Google algorithms such as Penguin and other restrictions have tightened up SEO practices and made it more about relevant, informative and engaging content.

As a white label SEO reseller, you must ensure your content is solid for your clients. As it will be sold under your name, you effectively put a stamp of approval on the content, which means that if the client is unhappy with the service, it, essentially, your fault. You must be a smart, savvy and entrepreneurial white label SEO reseller in order to find success.

Though social media is burgeoning, it still has nothing on search engines in terms of how users amass their content. The right content is a true art: both informative and optimized for search engines and their users. Being a white label SEO reseller means you understand this and pledge to deliver. That is what every white label SEO reseller aims to accomplish.

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