What Are SEO Resellers?

SEO resellers are companies who, as the name implies, resell SEO services. So what exactly are these services, and why resell them?

Firstly, a marketing company needs helps creating an online campaign for a client. This might be because they lack the expertise, or the resources, or the time. So, they contact another online marketing solutions company. This company can design web sites to help make them more attractive to a search engine algorithm. This is a process called search engine optimization (SEO).

They explain what they need done for their client, and work with a rep from the SEO company to create a marketing campaign to help the client. This is called an SEO resellers program. Typically in these programs, the products are left without any branding, so that the Seo resellers can repackage it as their own, so that the client will never even know anything was outsourced.

There are many perks of becoming SEO resellers, as touched upon before. Frankly, it is cheaper to outsource SEO services through an SEO reseller program. You pay the company one fee, and receive products and services, whereas without SEO outsourcing, you would have to hire a team of web designers, content writers, and others to basically create a whole new department. This will cost you time and money in hiring these people. Then you have to train them, which will cost even more, so you have already spent a fortune before you can even approach what you needed them for in the first place. Plus, they probably lack experience, whereas with SEO resellers programs, you are paying a lower price for a higher quality product.

Becoming SEO resellers saves you time and money, and delivers a better product in a more efficient time frame than you could imagine. Why not outsource your SEO needs?

If you have any experience working with SEO resellers, please share your story in the comments! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to ask!

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