So You Think You Can Plumb?

Information about plumbing

In a culture where clean water and the sanitary collection and transportation of waste is central to daily function, the plumbing industry is indispensable. The technology that enables us to turn a tap and access clean water, to flush the toilet and eliminate our waste, and to shower without collecting all of our dirty water in the tub is complex, having been perfected over the course of hundreds of years. Yet, for some reason, we like to think that we’re up to the task of fixing our home plumbing problems by ourselves with no more training or information about plumbing than a half watched YouTube video. Eighty five percent of Americans admit to having tried to retrieve an item dropped down the drain or toilet without assistance, when in reality the only plumbing related thing that most of us are qualified to do is sing in the shower. Which, by the way, is a hobby of nearly one in three Americans.

There are a number of common plumbing problems like fixing a clogged sink or toilet that many feel can be done without much help, but even problems like that can go from bad to worse without the help of a plumber service. In this article, we’ll look at a few of the signs that it might be time to call a professional.

Do You Have a Permit for That?

Procedures that could be labeled as dangerous often require permits. Projects like re pipes, drain line replacements, sewer replacement, water heater replacement, and the movement of plumbing from one location to another all typically require permits as do several others. If your project requires a permit, it’s best to call a plumber service.

Back it Up

Is there sewage in your tub? First of all, gross. Second of all, don’t play the hero. Main line stoppage is serious, and plumber services have specialized equipment for taking care of it. Even if you rent the equipment, you can’t rent the expertise. If your main line is stopped up, save yourself some time and frustration and pick up the phone.

Not As Simple as it Seems

Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that they can replace their own shower valves. It’s a much more complex process than most homeowners realize, especially if you accidentally damage the shower walls in the process. A plumber service can not only help you pick out the right valve for your shower, but install it without damaging your walls.

In Hot Water

It’s never recommended to do your own hot water heater repair without experience or guidance. Even what appears to be a simple adjustment can cause leaks or even worse damage when performed by someone who isn’t an expert. Plumber services can take care of it much more quickly and much more easily than you can.

New Digs

Tub replacement is probably the biggest job in plumbing, even for a professional plumber service. Even the handiest homeowners are usually not up to the job.

If You’re Not Sure…

It’s always a good idea to play it safe. Even small projects can sometimes be too difficult to undertake without the help of a professional. It might seem like more money up front, but it saves on time and future issues in the long run.

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