Looking for Kid Friendly Rochester Activities? Three Year Round Suggestions

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Did you know that in 2012, Kiplinger rated the Rochester area as the fifth best city for families? If you have a family in Rochester, you might be wondering what exactly there is to do. Maybe you have heard about all the festivals that happen here, such as the Lilac Festival and the Puerto Rican Festival, but it is already fall and those events are happening less frequently. Here are three family Rochester events you can take part in year round.

1. Everyone can be a Kid at the Museum of Play!

There are very few kids who will not think of the National Museum of Play at the Strong as one of their favorite places to go to. The museum is completely devoted to the concept of play, the only museum in the world of its kind. What exhibits will you find here? Kids can shop at a fake Wegmans, go to Super Powers School, visit Sesame Street, explore the history of American games, and more. Admission is $13 for everyone age two and older.

2. Get Up Close and Personal with Polar Bears at Seneca Park

The Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester is not a very large park, but it is well designed so that visitors get a full zoo experience with half the walking. The zoo features favorites like African elephants, lions, sea lions, baboons and more, and most of the exhibits are fairly modern, allowing for optimum, close up viewing. The lion enclosure, for example, features a glass partition so that kids can get face to face with curious giant cats. Rates vary throughout the year, but in summer the price is $11 for adults and $8 for youth.

3. Bounce it out in Jungle Jolt

If I were still a kid, or if I had less self respect as an adult, Jungle Jolt is the place I would be pestering my mom to bring me too. This jungle is an indoor play center with a laser maze, race track, climbing jungle gym and more. Jungle Jolt has a cafe and is free for adults, and $10 for kids during the weekdays. Another plus, they offer an after school math and reading learning program for kids on Saturday.

heck out the Rochester events calendar to see more options for everyday events. Have any suggestions for events Rochester NY? Let us know in the comments!

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