Hummus Recipes are Delightful and Yummy

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Oh how yummy is hummus? Personally, hummus is one of my favorite foods. How can you not like something that is a good source of protein, and tastes so good? But before we start looking at hummus recipes, let us take a look at some very interesting facts about hummus and hummus recipes.

The chickpea, the main ingredient in hummus dip, was first cultivated approximately 7,000 years ago and was brought to the Middle East by the ancient Phoenicians. In October 0f 2008, the Association of Lebanese Industrialists brought a petition to the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade for protected status from the European Commission to state that hummus is a uniquely Lebanese food. The largest dish of hummus as recorded by the Guinness World Record, weighed more than four tons, the same weight as four average cars. This dish of hummus used eight tons of boiled chick peas, two tons of tahini, two tons of lemon juice, and 154 pounds of olive oil. That was one huge hummus recipe.

Now you probably do not need quite that much hummus to offer to your friends at your next party. Hummus recipes do not generally take tons of ingredients, obviously. You can either make your dip from hummus recipes or purchase it already made in flavors such as spicy fresh guacamole or roasted garlic hummus dip. It all just depends on your on individual tastes.

Hummus recipes can be found all over the place, including on the containers of hummus themselves. You can find creative hummus recipes that you can use at your next party or just to serve something special to your family. Hummus recipes can be as simple as creating a vegetable platter with a tasty hummus dip. You can use hummus recipes to create wonderful main dishes or side dishes. Create your own hummus recipes to share with your friends as well.

The next time you are searching for something special to take to that party, consider hummus recipes, and you will most likely be the star of the party.
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