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Better search engine ranking

Are you sick of no one seeing your website? Maybe you have the most well designed, cohesive site on the web, but it doesn’t do you any good if no one sees it. That’s where SEO or search engine optimization comes in to save the day. But, what do search engines have to do with your website’s traffic, and why is it important to your company.

Well, let’s start with a statistic. 93% of all experiences online start with a search engine.. More than 9 out of 10 online encounters, no matter what a user plans on doing or looking at, starts by searching for something. So, if they are searching for a product or service that your company offers, they are that much more likely to discover your business if your site is ranked higher on a SERP or search engine result page.

75% of people who use search engines never go past the first page, which is why people want their sites to have the highest ranking on Google search com pages. A lot of the time you don’t stand a chance at being found if you aren’t in the top 10 results or so. And, since Google receives at least 70% of search traffic, it is the site to please as far as SEO goes.

However, if you aren’t an SEO genius, but you still want the 18% of organic clicks that go to the first result on Google SERPs, you are going to want an SEO reseller to help you out. SEO outsourcing is becoming more and more popular as options for SEO reseller programs become more diverse. Not only is there content creation, but since over 27 million pieces of information are shared online every day, things like social media management are now being worked into. SEO reseller plans.

Because of this, it is becoming more and more important for SEO USA, that is, SEO resellers. That are based in the United States. This is important because SEO USA sounds more like natural, fluid English instead of a choppy, inorganic second language. This is definitely something to think about when considering outsourcing SEO for your company. Research more here.

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