Do Your Circumstances Call For Collaborative Divorce Lawyers?

Cost of collaborative divorce

UUnfortunately, the time has come where you and your partner simply can no longer get along. The sad fact is that divorce is becoming increasingly common in this day and age and the practice of collaborative law, also known as family law or divorce law is still in demand. Collaborative divorce lawyers assist you by trying to make an otherwise stressful and painful time period as simple as it can be so you can start to move on from an unfortunate event. In addition to a divorce lawyer, one or more parties may occasionally employ another professional such as a therapist to help ease the emotional burden.

While the practice of collaborative law can be used for proceedings such as divorces cases, that is not it’s sole purpose. Collaborative law practice also assists in the fields of custody cases, where whether or not the parents are legally bound, one parent may consider the other unfit to raise and take care of a child, as well as prenuptial agreements that deal with property management during a marriage or divorce. Many different associations around the world have committees for collaborative law and collaborative divorce lawyers, such as The American Bar Association, the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

As divorce becomes more common and more accepted in today’s society, a number of people may be wondering why. To be blunt, the reasons are too many to list here, c as anybody may have their own private rationale for doing so. In certain areas, some provisions were not even recognized until recently. Such is the case in New York State where until August of 2010, there was no legal cause for no fault divorce, for example if one were to cite “irreconcilable differences”. Statistics show that 48 percent of black women ranging from age 50 to 59 have gone through at least one divorce in their life. Perhaps some may have cited work as an example, as it has been shown that regardless of work outside of the home, the wife in seven out of ten couples is burdened with more housework than the husband. Read more like this.

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