The Many Uses of Camouflage

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Traditionally, camouflage is used a way to disguise soldiers (wearing camouflage clothing), military equipment, or installations using paints, nets, or foliage. Interestingly, camouflage is used in a variety of consumer goods like camouflage bedding, camouflage purses, even camo seat covers. How did camouflage become what it is today?

The origin of camouflage dates back to World War I, when the French first developed military camouflage, although it was first worn by the British army during the Napoleonic War. Modern military camouflage uses many of the principles embedded in the avant garde cubist art movements of the early 20th century, because the irregular polygons coupled with the deceptive camouflage print and paints help to disguise soldiers and war crafts. Moreover, camouflage mimics the appearance of broken shapes, such as light shining through trees, and enables people and vehicles to remain hidden, much like the markings of a giraffe. Even camo seat covers are used on military vehicles!

For many years, zoologists have examined and researched camouflage. For example, giraffes use their patterned coats as a way to disguise themselves from enemies. Moreover, not all giraffes have the same coats, and they actually vary depending on their location or area. The main purpose of protective coloring is to help animals escape and hide from enemies, and to also warn them to keep away from potentially dangerous situations. Animals use their camouflage for survival, whereas we use it for novelty, such as camo seat covers!

Today, camouflage is used for a multitude of different reasons. Hunters may wear camouflage to make themselves less conspicuous to animals, and they may even put camo seat covers in their cars! In fact, camo seat covers may just be the small difference you need to catch that buck!

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