Need More Room For Activities? Try a Wall Bed

Murphy beds

When I found myself living in a studio apartment after college, I found myself needing a way to organize my space. My bed simply took too much room, which is how I wound up on the google search page looking for “murphybeds.”

You see, a murphy bed is one of those folding beds. You know, one of those wall beds that people supposedly get trapped in in all the movies?

Well, anyways, I found a pretty good deal amongst the “murphybeds” pages I googled, and I took it. I have never looked back since. Now, I have so much more room not only for activities, but just for life. My apartment feels less cramped, which means it is a less stressful environment. This means that I can get more art doen in my studio apartment, and earn more money .

Going on the search for “murphybeds” was the best decision I made in the past few months, honestly. Any one who needs to figure out the most efficient means of using their space should definitely consider looking into murphybeds.

What are your thoughts and opinions? Does anyone have a story that they would like to share? Or perhaps a comment?

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