Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare advantage plans

Senior citizens, upon reaching the designated age, become eligible for benefits pertaining to their age and service to the country. We call this medicare and medicaid, and it is very important to the lives of these seniors to be able to receive these services, as it is often otherwise difficult to live independently. Medicare also has a history.

In 1965, the United States Congress created medicare, under title XVIII of the Social Security Act. It was created to provide health insurance to senior citizens, those aged 65 and older, with no regard to their income or medical history. Furthermore, medicare also covers people who are not senior citizens, if they suffer from ALS, certain disabilities or end stage renal disease.

The medicare advantage is that the federal government will often pay for important things necessary to living a healthy, independent life. This includes things such as prescription drug plans, wheelchairs and living accessories. Medicare plans are often complex, but they take care of the people they are supposed to take care of. Furthermore, medicare offers patients a choice between traditional medicare and alternative medicare plans, called medicare part c and other names of that sort. This allows flexibility for the patient, as they are not as dependent or locked into structure of medicare.

The average household income of people enrolled in medicare was 22,600 dollars compared to the national median income of more than twice that, a whopping 48,201. Medicare is specially designed to help the less fortunate, but they do not discriminate, as they will help anyone eligible to get better medical care. To that end, A little over one fifth of medicare enrollees stay at a hospital in any given year. But what about medicaid?

Medicaid is directly designed to assist low income families with medical care expenses. Some would say that is not the fault of the federal government, but the United States government takes care of the citizens who live there. Medicaid ensures that no one is denied crucial health care because they cannot pay for it. The insurance offered by medicaid is integral to keeping less fortunate people alive and healthy every day.

The main difference between medicaid and medicare is that the latter is only offered to senior citizens, while the former is only offered to families with a low income. It is hypothetically possible to receive both medicare and medicaid benefits, but fortunately both exist, so if you are ever in need of a hand from the federal government, medicare and medicaid are there to help you out.

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