Does Your Cat Have Proper ID?

Cat id tags

Millions of Americans have pets. While there are also some birds, fish, reptiles and other types of animals, dogs and cats still make up the majority of all U.S. pets. Around 80 percent of all cat and dog owners say that their pets can sense what kind of mood they are in.

Pets, especially dogs, like to be outside. They like to explore, chase other animals and can sometimes wander away from home. That is why pet owners often have pet ID tags. Cat tags or dog tags can help to identify pets who may be lost or who have just traveled some distance away from their homes.

Average dogs can run about 19 mph. They can move quite a distance in a short time. Pet tags, cat tags or dog id tags, can help you locate them. It is important for all of the family members to be able to find their way home, and that includes the family pets. Using dog tags for pets is one way to help make sure that happens.

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