Next Gen Network Security Systems Can Protect Your Data

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There are many problems that organizations can face with today’s increased use of cloud hosting such as the case of an international hacker that broke into the files at SC Department of Revenue, gaining access to nearly 4 million tax documents. When your company wishes to prevent problems like this from arising, you need to find a firm that can offer you a next gen network security solution. With the right next gen network security solution in place, hackers will have a much harder time getting to your data. Using an enterprise firewall solution is imperative for any company that is connected to the internet to protect your data from unauthorized access.

With an intrusion detection system, your company can prevent problems from occurring such as the one that happened to the city of San Francisco in July of 2008 when a former employee locked access to important routers and switches by changing the administrator passwords. With the right next gen network security software in place, your company can be certain that you are protected from attacks. Finding the right intrusion prevention system to purchase will make all the difference in how secure your network is. You can find a firm that will be able to offer you a network security platform that is perfect for your company’s needs. With the best next generation network platform in place, your company can be certain that your data is completely protected from outside influence.

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