Crystallized Flowers Can Add Great Appeal To Your Menu

Basil crystals

While crystallized flowers are a beautiful edition to desserts and baked goods, microgreens have four to six times the nutrients found in the mature vegetables, making them both great additions to your establishment. When your restaurant wants to add unique produce items to your menu, microgreens are one of the best items that you can choose. In addition to microgreens, you can find other unique specialty produce options that will help add flare to your menu. Many people do not realize that you can eat flowers, but edible flowers are a beautiful way to garnish a tea or cocktail. Finding a company that has crystallized flowers for sale will allow you to find options that will work perfectly for your restaurant’s menu.

There are several uses for edible flowers and one such use is to mix them into vinegars, butters, dressings, or syrups to use as condiments. You can find crystallized flowers that work perfectly for any menu item that you wish to make, allowing you to add color and a unique flavor appeal to any dish. Finding the right edible flowers for salads from a great grower is important if you want to be certain that you can get a variety of flowers that work well for dishes that your restaurant wishes to serve. By adding micro greens to your menu, you will be able to add culinary appeal, as well as something that few restaurants have added to their menu yet.

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