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Archive for December 5, 2013

Don’t Get Rid of Those Family Heirlooms Antiques Can Be Worth a Fortune

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Antique memorabilia

Many people swear by vintage clothing, furniture and jewelry. The fact that these pieces are usually made at least 100 years before their purchase date, gives them a particular charm and history. A set of vintage collectible jewelry might also be worth more than you might think. The styles and techniques used to make a set of jewelry may not be in use anymore, making the antique a classic. Old items like this can go for thousands of dollars depending on their estimated value at antique auctions. Other items like antique furniture require some work to maintain their value. These pieces can be restored using careful methods that require a great deal of knowledge about the material that was originally used to build them.

Vintage furniture shops will have many different styles of classic dressers, bed frames

How Medical Data Digitization Can Keep Your Records Safer

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Hipaa email compliance

The name most often used to describe the large Internet boom that’s taken place over the past decade is Web 2.0 — but did you know there’s also an industry-specific boom also happening in the medical field? It’s called Health 2.0 and it deals with telemedicine, digital record-keeping, mobile healthcare apps and other essential medical information components. In other words, it encompasses all the efforts to modernize and digtize today’s medical landscape. But what’s the advantage to switching over to a virtual system at all, and how secure is your data when it’s spread out over the web?

Electronic medical records

Face it: Paper files might feel more secure, but they actually provide higher security risks than digital files. Overcrowded filing cabinets and cluttered storage systems ca