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Archive for August 10, 2013

Have You Heard of Search Engine Optimization

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Seo services company

In a world driven by connection, people spend there days constantly surfing the web, whether it be because they are looking for something specific, or simply because they ran out of stuff to look at on their social media pages. Many people use social media purely for keeping in contact with old friends, staying updated with other peoples lives, etc. But some other people enjoy using social media as a form of researching products and services.

Although companies put heavy focus on their social media marketing, gaining new customers through this method is not always easy. Studies have shown that less than a quarter of customers find companies social media pages useful, when it comes to finding out information about new products and services. This is why there is such a rise in other marketing methods like

Hummus Recipes are Delightful and Yummy

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Southwestern salsa

Oh how yummy is hummus? Personally, hummus is one of my favorite foods. How can you not like something that is a good source of protein, and tastes so good? But before we start looking at hummus recipes, let us take a look at some very interesting facts about hummus and hummus recipes.

The chickpea, the main ingredient in hummus dip, was first cultivated approximately 7,000 years ago and was brought to the Middle East by the ancient Phoenicians. In October 0f 2008, the Association of Lebanese Industrialists brought a petition to the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade for protected status from the European Commission to state that hummus is a uniquely Lebanese food. The largest dish of hummus as rec

Investing In a Home Security System

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Burglar alarm equipment

Every 14.6 seconds a burglary is happening somewhere in the nation. Is your home protected? It is important to remember to protect your home from the possibility of being broken into. Investing in a home burglar alarm system such as an adt burglar alarm is always a smart way to go. No matter how loud your dogs bark may be, nothing will scare away a burglar faster than the overwhelming sound of the alarm being set off.

With there being about 2.2 million home break ins across the nation, there is a high chance of being one of the homes that has the unfortunate event of being broken into. Homes that do not have a security system of some

Use SEO Programs as Part of an Effective Marketing Campaign

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Free domain parking

Running a business is not for the faint of heart. You are dealing with employee issues, accounting, inventory, and many other things. One thing that may go by the wayside is advertising and marketing. Sure, it seems like the entire marketing idea has changed so dramatically that it is almost on autopilot. Create a website and your business will grow. Seems simple, but it is also wrong.

You need to be at the top of the search engine rankings, especially Google. Why? Well, Google owns approximately 65 to 70 percent of the search engine marketing. Sure, you use Google everyday, but is yoour site on the first page of those search results? Probably not, unless you are using SEO programs to boost your ranking.

And why