Tips for Your Portable Toilet Rental

Planning a successful event or construction project requires attention to every detail, including portable toilet rental. To ensure a seamless experience, follow these crucial tips.

1. Assess Your Needs Consider the event’s duration, the expected attendance, and the availability of nearby facilities. A general guideline is one mobile toilet for every 100-150 guests for a standard event.

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2. Choose the Right Type Portable toilets come in various types, from basic units to luxury models. Select the type that matches your event’s ambiance and attendees’ expectations. For upscale events, consider deluxe units with amenities.

3. Plan for Accessibility Ensure your mobile toilets are easily accessible to all attendees, including those with disabilities. ADA-compliant units with ramps and spacious interiors should be available.

4. Schedule Regular Servicing Don’t forget to schedule regular servicing of your mobile toilets. The frequency depends on usage, but a standard recommendation is once a week.

5. Strategically Place Units Position mobile toilets strategically throughout your event or construction site to prevent long lines and overcrowding. Consider placing them near high-traffic areas and food/beverage stations for convenience.

7. Secure Permits Check with local authorities to determine if you need permits for your portable toilet rental. Compliance with regulations ensures a hassle-free event and avoids potential fines.

8. Plan for Water and Power If you’ve chosen luxury portable toilets, ensure they have a water and power source. Plan for water hookups and electrical outlets to keep these units fully functional.


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