A Brief History of Neon Signs

If you want to shine bright, the right neon signs can help you and your business stand out no matter how chaotic the local environment is. These signs have been around for quite a long time. The neon sign was first invented by Georges Claude, a French engineer, in 1902 and was later patented in 1910.

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The first active, public neon sign lit up in 1910 in Paris, a rather simple sign features two neon tubes.

Neon lights wouldn’t make their way to the United States until 1923, however. That year, a Packard Motor dealer in Los Angeles installed the first American neon sign. From there, these signs quickly proliferated, becoming common at gas stations, movie theaters, and restaurants, among other commercial buildings.

Small businesses were quick to utilize these signs. The right signs can quickly increase visibility, especially at night. For organizations lacking the backing of a huge brand, the right signage can go a long way. Of course, big businesses also use them.

In some cities, neon signage dominates the skyline. You’ll find plenty of these signs in and around Times Square, in New York City, for example. Head to Los Vegas and the neon lights can outshine the stars themselves. If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, consider installing high-quality, fetching neon signs that can draw attention and let your brand shine.


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