Why New Ford Dealers Are in the News

Are you shopping for a new Ford or GM truck? Do you need to find a new Ford dealer near you? Before searching online, watch the YouTube video “Truck crisis for Ford and GM dealers.” The video highlights the current crisis around these vehicles in the United States. Ford and GM are both proudly American-produced vehicles.

Video Source

The key point is that these trucks are produced in the United States. They come at a higher price than other imported models. However, other factors are causing these brands to fall in popularity.

Can Ford and GM Recover?

Production of American model pick-up trucks was once outsourced to other countries. Today, these models are manufactured within the states. The average price is between $30k and $40k for a standard model pick-up truck. Newer models feature better technology and specs. Therefore, the price range for newer models rose well above the $100k mark. You should take into consideration rising inflation and the cost of living. Then it makes sense that you have a target audience pulling their purse strings. A $100k price tag is beyond many in the current economic climate. Ford and GM must find a way to cut costs to stay in the game. Recovery might take years, but it’s possible.


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