What Tools Do You Need to be a Residential Electrician?

Residential electricians have a demanding job. They are required to have extensive knowledge on different tools. Each tool serves a different purpose. Here’s an overview of different tools that residential electrician use to complete tasks.

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Residential electricians use pancakes to install a light source. Many electricians use pancakes to set up a new electrical current if they are having trouble finding enough light to complete a project. Pancakes are similar to fancakes, though fancakes are primarily used to establish currents to operate a fan.

Bar Hanger

Bar hangers are lightweight and versatile items. Residential electricians use bar hangers for different perception on walls and ceilings.

Duplex Receptacle

A duplex receptacle allows electricians to create a new outlet. Duplex receptacles come in handy when you are using multiple tools at the same time to complete a project.

Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are the foundation for lighting and other common fixtures. Electricians also deal with arc fault breakers, which act as power sources for different rooms.

AC Disconnect

AC Disconnect tools are used on AC Units. This tool helps residential electricians shut off AC power safely while they are making repairs.

These are a few common tools that residential electricians use to complete daily projects.


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