Comparing Two Different Value Radar Detectors

Radars are used by law enforcement officers to catch people who are speeding and write them expensive tickets for the transgression. However, there are a lot of radar detectors on the market that can help you to tell when you are being scanned by a radar and may get caught speeding. There are radar detectors of different values, including a $50 model and a $650 that are compared by Vehicle Virgins.

The Passport Max 360 costs $650 and is a premium type of detector.

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It is good at keeping out false signals so that you know when it goes off that it’s detecting a policy radar. It also uses arrows to show you which direction the signal is coming from. Expensive radar detectors do a much better job of detecting a radar from far away, and this model is no exception. It’s highly accurate and gives you plenty of notice that a radar is coming up, and it doesn’t give off false alarms.

The Whistler Z11 is a $51 detector that also promises that it can filter out false alarms. This is a detector that does a pretty good job of picking up a radar signal from far away and around corners, but it can’t pick it up from as far away as the more-expensive unit. The Whistler gave off a lot of false alarms, as many cheap radar detectors do. This can make it harder to use them, and many users are tempted to turn them off to avoid all of the noise from the false signals.

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