What You Need to Know About Police Body Camera Statistics

Police body cameras are worn by about 50% of police in the United States. Body cameras are used as a check and balance. A police camera can increase transparency. Are body cams doing what they are supposed to? This video talks about trends in police body cameras statistics.
There are approximately 60 companies that are making these types of cameras.

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Some tech is more hidden. For example, they can be clipped to hats or sunglasses. One of the faults of these cameras is that the officer oversees turning the camera on and off. Activation rates can be an issue. Most law enforcement organizations do not have clear repercussions for not activating the cameras.
This video discusses some situations of body cam failures and the outcomes that followed. There are a number of studies that are discussed in the video and data that is shared about whether these cameras are having a positive effect on performance.
There is a lot of very interesting information contained in this video that will enlighten the viewer about police body cams and how they are being used. Professionals are interviewed throughout the video which lends quite a bit of validity to the data that is presented.

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