Why Do People Opt for Cremation Services During Pre-Planning?

In recent years, the number of people opting for cremation services has been growing due to high cost and environmental conservation concerns. Many people now acknowledge that memorialization can occur with any form of human body disposition.

This realization has enabled people to become more appreciative of the benefits of a cremation service.

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For example, people are finding the traditional casket burial method quite wasteful. It requires tons of wood to make expensive caskets and metal and concrete to prepare the grave. Moreover, toxic chemicals are used in embalming the fluids, and large tracts of land are used as burial sites.

Cremation, however, requires minimal resources, time, and money. Many companies today are taking advantage of this paradigm shift to offer customers a live-streamed cremation service and a biodegradable urn in which people can plant a tree seed outside their house to remember and respect the dead.

Watch the linked video above for more information on why people choose cremation service over casket burial service. Contact a local professional if you need to give your loved one a decent send-off through cremation.

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