What is Exhibitor Insurance?

A business that depends on professional displays will spend a lot of time on the road trying to reach new clients. Trade show exhibitors get insurance to cover property on exhibit, general liability, and cancellations.

External factors determine the success of a trade show. When accidents happen at your stall, or an event gets canceled, you will be liable and attract high charges. Exhibitor insurance protects you against substantial financial losses. It is advisable to contact your insurance well in advance.

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With exhibitor insurance, you can get covered for up to $10 million. However, this number depends on the type of events you appear at. Consider the number of expected attendees and your stall’s size in your policy.

The exhibitor insurance will cover a standard of up to $5 million for public liability. Some insurers provide packages to match varied stall sizes and a liability-only alternative. These limits will determine the total cost of insurance. This insurance will cover your business and promote secure and safe public interactions.

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