How Removable Insulation Blankets Are Used in Clean Water Production

Did you know that a removable insulation blanket can and should be used to protect freshwater supplies, this video takes you through the process of using a removable insulation blanket at a water plant to help keep the noise level down but that is not the only reason these blankets are important in bringing you a freshwater supply.

This video shows you several ways that these blankets are deployed to help keep fresh water flowing. For example, these blankets can help to regulate temperatures to ensure the water does not get too hot or freeze.

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This is a short entertaining video that is chock full of information. It may be the best three minutes you spend today learning something new.

Watch as a blanket is fitted for an industrial water treatment plant. This highly informative video is entertaining for anyone that wants to learn more about insulation blankets or who just enjoys learning something new.

Watch this video if you have questions about what insulation blankets do for freshwater supplies. Watch it now.

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