Understanding Your Septic System

Modern plumbing has created different ways to dispose of waste. A septic system is something that homes may use to dispose of this waste. Septic systems are not too complicated to understand.

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In this article, we are going to look at how a septic system works.

In a septic system, whenever the toilet is flushed the water and waste are brought down underground into a septic tank. In the tank, the waste is split into three different components. The liquid, scum, and sludge are all separated from one another.

Microbes are present in the tank and their job is to break down the sludge. The microbes do this by eating it. There are two compartments in a septic tank, and the excess water goes into the second compartment. In the second compartment, there are even more microbes that treat the water.

Once the water is treated in the second compartment, the excess is once again pushed out. This time, the excess water leaves the system completely and is brought through pipes into the soil.

A septic system must be cleaned to avoid issues. Make sure that you are taking proper care of your system so you do not cause any damage.


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