Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Nothing says love like the engagement ring. These days there is no longer one specific style that most people choose. Instead, you have so many different options.

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In this article, we are going to look at some popular engagement ring styles.

The solitaire is the classic engagement ring style that you would probably think of. It’s a basic band that has a single diamond. This style of ring is very simple and the highlight of the ring is the diamond.

Another style of ring is the diamond band. This ring is similar to the solitaire, and the main highlight is still the center diamond. This ring is a little bit different because there are usually smaller diamonds that go around the band that also pull focus.

The last stone that we are going to talk about is a three-stone ring. In this ring, there is one center diamond that has two smaller diamonds right next to it. The smaller diamonds help to further highlight the main diamond in the center.

Overall, when it comes to picking an engagement ring you should choose what makes you happy. The options are endless, and these were just three of the more popular ones.


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