From Start To Cement What To Know About Concrete Deliveries And Manufacturing

Mike Day of Mike Day Concrete on YouTube discusses how concrete is batched and how to order it in this video. There are several steps before it is ready for concrete deliveries and pouring at the job site for slabs, pool decks, big floors, or walkways. Customers generally have to do some pre-planning and give some notice before the concrete is ready for pouring.

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Batching Concrete in a Concrete Plant
At the concrete plant, the following equipment and materials are available for batching the concrete:
Cement silos
Concrete Trucks
Conveyor belt

How to Order Concrete
Concrete orders generally come through the concrete dispatcher. When customers order concrete in advance, it gives room for the preparation of the concrete. Customers need to be specific when ordering concrete to help the concrete dispatcher process concrete deliveries. Below is some information the concrete dispatcher requires from the customer:
Type of concrete.
If fiber or mesh is required.
If air entrainment is required.
If a water reducer is required.
Accurate directions for concrete deliveries.

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