Everything You Need to Know About Irrigation

Irrigation is essential to the success of crops and other plants in order to feed a population. Without it, we would have no way to grow anything because the plants would quickly die. This is because irrigation is the process of watering of crops, and irrigation systems are what allow this process to take place. In this video, you will learn more about irrigation so that you can fully understand it and its importance.

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These systems of irrigation can be simple or complex, from just using a watering can and manually pouring water every each plant, to digging an entire canal through a field to continuously provide water to all the plants at one time. Systems are required in areas that do not get much rainfall. Otherwise, the rain can act as natural irrigation and will take care of watering the crops without the farmer needing to do anything. Indeed, technology has advanced to allow for better systems, though they have been used for centuries.


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