How to Keep Your Auto Shop in Tip-Top Shape

Running an auto repair shop is a huge undertaking, and chances are you will be adding more and more tools and machinery to your shop as the years progress. Starting out, you will be moving fixtures and boxes every which way, but once you establish the perfect system for getting vehicles in and out, you will have a distinct place for each of your machines. Car work requires a ton of small tools, and as an engineer, you cannot afford for anything to get lost.

Video Source

This video shares an entire shop tour, highlighting some organization hacks you may be able to incorporate into your own auto shop!

Obviously, essentials like a fire extinguisher and car key lock-box are some of the first things you want to put in your auto shop. These should be obvious and clearly marked. In this auto shop tour, the owner has a mezzanine tucked up above the workspace where he keeps all of his spare parts. Keeping it covered with a simple piece of plywood or a curtain keep the auto shop looking professional and clean. Finally, feel free to decorate with all the car-themed memorabilia you want!


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