Have You Ever Thought About How Parking Lots Get Their Stripes

Dave Strands discusses some tips for striping parking lots in the “Striping Parking Lots” video. Many parking lots suffer from poor markings, making it difficult for drivers to find spaces and leading to accidents and damaged vehicles. The following are two key pointers to help ensure that your parking lot line striping services are top-notch:

Place a Masking Tape on the Existing Stripes

As with many things in life, there is a right and wrong way to do parking lot striping. Masking tape is used to mark out boundaries for the lanes of traffic properly.

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This will usually include solid lines which separate different visibility zones for traffic visibility.

The masking tape will also mark out the borders of where you will paint your new lines, and the tape must match up with existing painted lines nearby on the pavement surface. This ensures that they will fit correctly into your painting when you paint your new lines.

Use Chalk on Existing Lines

Chalk lines are used to provide a reference line for parking lot striping. When using chalk lines, the paint crew is working against gravity, providing an accurate stripe layout.

If manual chalk lines are used in the field, all needed would be to walk along the edge of the parking stall or driving lane, making a reference line for the paint crew. However, since machines do most parking lot striping, a guide must be provided to keep them from going out of their intended lines.

Parking lot striping is an aspect of preparing a parking lot for use that presents the greatest opportunity to save money and the greatest chance to lose money. There are so many different ways you can lay down your stripes, and if not done properly, they can be dangerous or pose problems for drivers.

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