Experience a Day in the Life of a Local Propane Delivery Driver

What is it like for a local propane delivery driver on an average day? This video will show you how a typical day for a local propane delivery driver goes. It is interesting to watch how the delivery is made.

This insider’s look at what a propane delivery driver does will give you a new respect for this very important service. Many people depend on propane for cooking, heating, and hot water heating.

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Propane delivery is essential to running a household for many people.

Most people do not think about what it takes to get propane delivered or even where it comes from. They just know they turn on their stove and it is there.

Each time the delivery driver leads the point of origin they have to check the truck to ensure everything is functional. Delivery drivers often drive long distances each day to make their deliveries.

Watch as this driver navigates their daily routine at work and makes deliveries following specific instructions. It is a great way to learn more about the process and see what it takes to ensure you have the propane your household depends on.

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