How do KN95 Masks Differ From Other Options?

This video provides some helpful distinctions between the N95 masks and the KN95 masks. Some people may become confused because the names sound similar. They may ask, ” Are KN95 masks effective?” They are effective. However, there are a handful of slight differences between the two options.

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One of the primary differences between the two masks is the country that their standards are based on. The N95 mask is the United States standard, and the KN95 is the China standard. One good thing about both masks is that they can both filter out 95 percent of particles. Therefore, people can feel confident about the level of protection they can offer them.

The KN95 may be slightly better because it has a requirement for the fitting test, whereas the N95 does not. That doesn’t necessarily mean that companies don’t do fit tests on the products. It just means that it’s not a requirement for the US standard N95 masks.

Another difference that exists between the masks is the breathability factor. The N95 masks adhere to slightly more stringent requirements in terms of breathability. Therefore, they are most likely more comfortable for the people who wear them. Breathability makes a difference to mask wearers, and the N95 might be slightly more desirable because of that.

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