How Blackhawk Maintenance Is Performed

Blackhawk helicopters were essential military aircraft during the Vietnam War. While they had their moment in the spotlight several decades ago, they are still used by the U.S. military today. Some helicopters are also privately owned, meaning civilians can and do own and maintain them.

Video Source

Blackhawk helicopters are built for tough combat situations and rough handling, but they still have a lot of components that need regular maintenance. In the video on this page, maintainers work on all of the major components of the aircraft. They service the guns to make sure they are fully functional. They also test the flight systems and run a test flight to make sure the helicopter is ready for action.

Blackhawk helicopters have to be in excellent condition to ensure they perform perfectly in combat situations, so maintainers are taught to inspect every moving part of the aircraft. That includes the doors as well as anything required to keep the helicopters moving and in the air.

Although a lot of work goes into maintaining and flying Blackhawk helicopters, the team responsible for them in the video has a lot of camaraderie. They are clearly proud of the work they do to support each other throughout the Blackhawk maintenance.


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