Factors to Consider When Choosing Industrial Air Compressors

Many industrial facilities use industrial air compressors to perform everyday tasks. Air compressors are used to maintain air pressure in pneumatic machines of all kinds, including hand-held air tools and large pneumatically powered assembly lines. While some exceptionally complex machines come with built-in air compressors, many machines don’t.

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In this case, facility owners have to purchase their own industrial air compressors.

The video on this page covers a wide variety of features to look for in industrial air compressors. For example, if you have an assortment of technicians who need a few air compressors to power hand air tools, they likely need access to portable air compressors that can move with them while they work. If, on the other hand, you only need an air compressor to power stationary machines, you can trade portability for longevity.

Non-portable air compressors will likely be much larger than portable air compressors with similar functionalities. But if you have limited space in your facility, you can find relatively compact air compressors that are stationary.

Pay attention to the specifications of your equipment and the type of air compressor you need. You may need a two-stage air compressor or a centrifugal air compressor.

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