Understand Which Phone Services Are Right For Your Business

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Typical Texas business or commercial telephone systems come complete with the essentials… hold music, call transferring and forwarding and voice mail. And features always vary depending on the specific phone. With three different options for businesses, it’s important to understand that telephone systems that a business chooses should be reflection of your businesses size and goals.

If your are a smaller business (is it possible for anything to be small in Texas?) small business phone systems would be practical. A company that has a very small number of employees might not reap the benefits of multiline telephone systems complete with phones, wire, jacks and other hardware, and a central control unit, known as a “KSU” (Key Service Unit).

Instead, KSU-less systems offer a high degree of functionality for a much lower initial investment. Instead of the usual central control unit, KSU-less systems rely on the handsets themselves to provide features of a commercial phone system. Medium to large size businesses would greatly benefit from having a larger phone system installation. Of course, any business will benefit from having security cabling Austin Texas installed.

Key telephone systems offer more features for mid size to large businesses and are expandable for normally up to 35 handsets. Key systems utilize a central control device called the key system unit (KSU) to manage the connected network of phones within your business as well as any outgoing or incoming calls.

Companies with a large number of employees will certainly want to opt for a fully functional telephone system rather than KSU-less systems, and offer more customization than the aforementioned two. Large business telephone systems come with the standard features necessary for phone system operations as they pertain to large businesses. Regardless of the nature or needs of your business, you can configure systems to meet the standards set by your big company. Compared to KSU-less systems and key systems, other telephone systems are very expensive. Still, if your business needs over 35 handsets or may in the future, it’s time to consider a larger system.

To sum it all up, you need to be familiar with your business’ needs (the concept of lines and extensions) and the number of people you have working for you to choose the right phone system. To define lines in the simplest way, these would be the number of outside phone lines that can be connected to your business at the same time. Extensions, on the other hand, would be required for every handset in your company that you need to connect to the phone system. Determining how many of each you need is the key to choosing a commercial phone system for your business.
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