The Five Best Ways to Resell SEO

Seo reseller program

Google is one of the most powerful brands on the planet and has been for some time. But how does Google, a search engine that is free for anyone to use, make its money and continue to grow in its web dominance? One word: advertising.

Google is so popular and well-trafficked that it generates most of its profits from AdWords, its online advertising program. People pay good money to advertise with Google because they know it is nearly a guarantee that their ads will be seen. So how can you, as an online services provider, tap into this success?

Welcome to the world of search engine optimization. Often called SEO for short, this is the practice of creating highly relevant content and pushing it to the web so that a certain site will appear higher in the Google search rankings. Want to learn more? Here are five facts about the service that will make you want to get involved with and maybe even resell SEO.

1. Majority rules.

Nearly 90 percent of all Internet users now begin their online sessions by performing a search. This means that SEO can be one of the most effective tools for an online marketing campaign because of how the links are likely to be discovered. These links, by the way, are all organic, which users tend to prefer over paid ads.

2. Convenience is king.

Most users find what they need on the first search engine results page and move on. The goal of SEO should always be to land on that first page. But how can you, as a smaller Internet services provider, make this happen for your clients? For starters, you can resell SEO content.

3. Make your money back, and then some.

When you resell SEO, you get the best of both worlds. By using an outsource seo program, SEO resellers have a third party create the content that they then sell to a third party for a profit. Depending on your resell SEO margin, you can end up raking in between 50 and 200 percent more than what you bought the content for.

4. Grow your brand.

When you resell SEO, you also open up your business to establishing itself a reliable content provider. Using white label SEO, which allows you to sell outsourced content under your company name, will really get your brand out there. This can be one of the most effective SEO reseller plans you can implement.

5. Learn the trade.

Certainly not least of all is how reselling SEO affords you a great chance to learn the trade at no major cost to you. Instead of hiring a brand new in-house SEO team to create the content yourself, you outsource that process and resell SEO. In the future, as you get more confident and capable in your own services, you will likely have the capital to take on these endeavors within your own company.

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