Get Help if you Owe Back Taxes

Owe back tax

The IRS is not exactly the favorite government entity of anyone. Besides being widely disliked because it enforces government imposition of income taxes on residents of 43 states and many municipalities, the IRS has drawn all kinds of ire for making tax forms too long and overly complex and for heavily taxing items like soda pop in a manner that seems incongruous. For example, in Chicago, fountain soda drinks are taxed at a rate of 9 percent, but soda pop that comes in a bottle is taxed at just 3 percent. This and many other things about the IRS probably irk you. However, no tax situation is more disconcerting than when you owe back taxes.

If you owe back taxes to the IRS, help is available to you. Not only are there an estimated 1.2 million tax preparers in this country according to the Cato Institute, there are also tax professionals specifically trained to aid you in dealing with the IRS if you are currently owing back taxes. If you owe irs back taxes, you should deal with the situation as soon as humanly possible because if you do nothing, the problem will only get worse. Because the IRS can place a levy on wages, social security payments, accounts receivables, insurance proceeds, real property, and even a place of residence in certain situations, resolving your IRS debt in a timely manner must be your number one priority if you owe back taxes to irs.

If you owe IRS money and you owe back taxes, take solace in the fact that the government is forbidden by fifth amendment constitutional protections from seizing your property unless due process of law has been followed. This means that if you owe back taxes, the government cannot kick you out of your home or take anything that belongs to you without first going through designated legal channels. That this is so means that you will be aware of every procedural step made by the government when you owe back taxes. When you owe back taxes, government processes must be made transparent to you. Thus, if you owe back taxes, with the help of a qualified professional the problem can be solved.

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