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Anyone that things that there are never any fun things to do in Rochester may be surprised if they take a serious look at a typical list of Rochester events. There are a ton of different Rochester NY events that the area is known for. Many of them are annual, and have garnered very large followings. Some of these Rochester NY events could be the perfect thing for people, whether they are fans of music, movies or mother nature herself.

One of the most famous Rochester NY events is the annual Rochester International Jazz Festival. Every summer, a wide range of musicians from all across the globe gather to share their love and passion of music. From Jazz and Blues to Latin, Bluegrass and Rock, a seemingly endless variety of experts come to show off their craft. Rochester NY music fans that have never experienced this festival should make sure that they go. Once there, they will see why it is one of the most popular Rochester NY events of the year.

One of the other more famous Rochester NY events is the Lilac Festival. Each year, one of the cities most beautiful downtown parks is transformed into a showcase for these beautiful flowers. Not only is it home to the largest variety of lilacs in the world, but it is also the single largest display of the flowers in general. Visitors will enjoy the many delicious foods and amazing Rochester music performances that the festival has become know for as well.

When making out their calendar Rochester residents should not forget the world famous short film festival. One of the most fun Rochester NY events, the Rochester International Film Festival is the longest running annual film fest that is solely devoted to the short film. Out of all the amazing annual Rochester NY events, this one could be the best thing for those that are fans of movies and pop culture. Good references here.

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