Five Facts Regarding Blackberry Mobile Device Management

Blackberry mobile device management

If you are considering a plan for Blackberry mobile device management within your business, you should consider that the new Blackberry 10 runs on QNX which is thought to be the more secure than other operating systems and is ideal for a BYOD environment. Of course, regardless of what type of Blackberry phones are being used on the network, having Blackberry mobile device management that integrates with the enterprise server will give users the chance to get corporate and personal email
without jeopardizing company security. Thanks to the use of a BES policy, you will ultimately find that you can have a more efficient and productive workplace without exposing your company’s most precious data to the world.

By 2015 it is projected that 55 percent of business smartphones will be actually owned by employees and this is why it is important for you to start your plan for Blackberry mobile device management today. In many cases, a mobile device that is used for business purposes will require special security solutions and if Blackberries are your choice, then that solution can be implemented through Blackberry mobile device management software integrated for your business. With a proper BES security policy, your IT professionals will know every move that is being made on the network and can take steps to stop problems before they become unmanageable.

When your company takes on a BYOD policy, it can lead to a path of greater productivity, more accurate record keeping, less paperwork, better billing methods, a streamlined flow within the company, and greater visibility, but only if you take the risk factors out of the equations by employing Blackberry mobile device management software. Once your IT team has the software to work with, they will be able to perform global updates remotely with ease and will know when there is trouble on the network. If a phone gets stolen or used improperly, they can wipe it immediately. This minimizes risks to your business overall.

Over time, your IT team will be able to integrate with the software flawlessly. Once this happens, security risks will become a thing of the past. Instead, you will be able to make the most of your network.

If you like the idea of having a more productive business, you need a mobile network without fail. However, without security measures, you would only be hurting your company. A Blackberry mobile device management plan will mean make for less problems.

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