Struggling to Quit Smoking Pot? Get Help!

Marijuana addictive

Even though federal law still classifies marijuana as a controlled substance, 13 U.S. states all medical marijuana use. Even though some might use the drug for medical reasons, they might need to find advice about how to quit smoking pot. On average, adults who use marijuana addiction programs or other treatments for abuse or dependence have used it every day for more than a decade, and have tried to quite more than six times. If that is the case, it is no wonder those individuals seek information about how to quit smoking pot.

Many individuals might seek out some guidance when figuring out how to quit smoking pot because there are many marijuana withdrawal symptoms. Roughly half of people to try to quit report mood swings, irritability, or anxiety, and others report aggression, nervousness, restlessness, and loss of concentration. On top of that, craving is the most common symptom reported in the early days of abstinence. Getting help learning how to quit smoking pot can help anyone overcome any of these issues if they are making it difficult to quit.

Even for individuals who find great advice about how to quit smoking pot, perhaps from marijuana books, the internet, friends, or professionals, that does not mean the process is easy. Almost 47 percent of former smokers reported sleep disruption problems that included not just insomnia, but vivid, disturbing dreams and nightmares that interrupted sleep. This kind of problem could make relapse seem like a welcome relief. If that is the case, finding some useful advice on how to quit smoking pot when withdrawal symptoms arise can be very beneficial.

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