Having iPhone Security Measures in Place Protects Devices, Employers?

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As of right now, 30 percent of mobile phone users who have subscriber services in the U.S. are business users, meaning they utilize their mobile devices primarily for work purposes. Of course, these people additionally use their phones for personal use, but they check work email and conduct business via their mobile devices around the clock too. For employees, this is happy news, since employers are increasingly allowing this to happen. For employers, though, it means finding new methods of protection.

Fortunately, mobile device management technologies are available for employers to have proverbial shields over these devices to both protect them and to manage them via updates and checking inventory. These technologies, which either are geared specifically toward certain types of devices or that are more like patch management systems where all types of phones can be managed, are increasing around the corporate world to keep up. Using patch management software, for instance, an employer could manage all employees’ devices from one centralized location rather than have to go into every single phone and add security layers.

But because of the almost 1 billion people worldwide owning smartphones a growing majority of users are picking the iPhone as their No. 1 mobile device, many employers are starting to consider iphone management systems to help out too. An iPhone security tool will protect all types of iPhones, including newer and older models, and it will additionally protect other devices like the new iPad, which 20 percent of the 1,000 people surveyed by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners say they plan to use for work.

And while Apple already has a tool called the Configurator that will let people configure as many as 30 devices using iOS technology simultaneously, often employers are seeking more iPhone security protection than this. With iPhone security, there are no worries about managing phones or protecting them, because both are done at once. With these other systems, only management or only security is maintained. Through iPhone security, though, it all is encased in one singular tool that IT managers can utilize to make updates, manage inventory, and frequently check on devices.

Forbes.com has estimated that projects involving mobile application development will outnumber projects on personal or work computers by four to one by 2015. This means for employers that a growing need exists for iPhone security and other measures. Luckily, they have plentiful iphone security tools to utilize from companies expressly concerned with these technologies.

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