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Camouflage is Not Just for the Army

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When people think of camouflage, they probably do not remember the Camouflage band of the 1980s. The typical green, black, grey, brown puzzle-like Woodland pattern clothing that all branches of the U.S. military use is what typically comes to mind. While the U.S. Woodland pattern is the most popular, camouflage uniforms sometimes vary based upon the location of the military. The clothing is sometimes made to look more tan or brown for soldiers stationed in the desert. This is so that they can camouflage themselves well in case of attack, or keep out of sight as they approach enemy lines. Camouflage clothing is also used by hunters during hunting seasons to disguise themseles from game.

Humans are not the only ones who

Camouflage Is Being Used To Stand Out, Not Just Blend In Anymore

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When you hear camouflage you probably think of hunting or the military. Camouflage is actually used by animals, hunters, military vehicles, soldiers and other objects. The purpose of camouflage is to blend in with the environment or to resemble something else. The word camouflage comes from the French word camoufler, which means to blind or veil. Today camouflage is used in accessories such as camo bathing suits, camo bedding, camouflage cloothing, and camo wedding gowns among other things.

During the second World War every nation began to camouflage any target. This was because the power of aerial observation and attack was increasing. Replacing the musket with a rifle made personal concealment during battle easier. This is