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Archive for December 31, 2013

The Products You Need to Build Your Own Custom PC

Written by admin on . Posted in Rubber grommets sizes, Snap rivets, Threaded inserts for plastic


Are you rolling change to pay your bills? A new Macintosh desktop computer costs as much as $1,000, or more. Purchasing a new computer when you are already strapped for cash may seem out of the question. There is, however, a relatively inexpensive alternative. Tech-savvy consumers can purchase their own parts and build unique, and reasonably priced, custom PCs. What critical parts should be on your shopping list?

Rubber Grommets, Cable Glands, and Cable Ties

When building your own PC, keep in mind that it is critical to prevent wear and damage to electrical wiring. Rubber grommets, for example, keep cords and cables away from sharp metal pieces and parts. Reinforced grommets may also be capable of withstanding high temperatures and maintaining their original shape under pressure. Custom P