The Products You Need to Build Your Own Custom PC


Are you rolling change to pay your bills? A new Macintosh desktop computer costs as much as $1,000, or more. Purchasing a new computer when you are already strapped for cash may seem out of the question. There is, however, a relatively inexpensive alternative. Tech-savvy consumers can purchase their own parts and build unique, and reasonably priced, custom PCs. What critical parts should be on your shopping list?

Rubber Grommets, Cable Glands, and Cable Ties

When building your own PC, keep in mind that it is critical to prevent wear and damage to electrical wiring. Rubber grommets, for example, keep cords and cables away from sharp metal pieces and parts. Reinforced grommets may also be capable of withstanding high temperatures and maintaining their original shape under pressure. Custom PC builders may also want to install grommets to prevent internal mechanisms, such as fans, from producing excessive vibrations and noise. Consumers can purchase rubber grommets online, or at a local hardware store.

Similarly, cable glands protect the ends of cables and electrical wiring. Manufacturers offer metallic and non-metallic cable glands; some are specially designed to keep spilled liquids and dust out of electrical parts. Moreover, computer enthusiasts should carefully secure and protect external cords, too. Plastic cable ties use a pawl and a series of teeth to fasten wires in place. Consumers can use cable ties (also commonly referred to as hose ties and zip ties) to keep computer wires from getting tangled or trailing along the floor. Manufacturers sell releasable zip ties, or even simple Velcro cable ties, for lightweight wires.

Threaded Standoffs

Finally, the single most important and critical protective product is threaded standoffs. Threaded standoffs elevate or separate sensitive electrical parts to prevent shorts and overheating. More specifically, threaded standoffs separate custom PCs’ motherboards from the exterior, or metal casing.

Building a custom PC can save you money, and afford you greater formatting and system options. Prevent your DIY PC from overheating – without leaving home – by purchasing threaded standoffs and and rubber grommets online.

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